Are you an iPhone user and an avid game player? You might be always on a hunt for interesting games that can keep you engaged on the go. And, plunging into App Store is often confusing as there you have to crawl through several games options. To help you a bit, sharing a list of interesting games that can make iPhone gaming more interesting:

1) Hitman Go: If you are a puzzle fiend or Hitman fan, this gaming app worth your phone’s memory. It is suitable for the people who are good at the imagination and can make out easily what it means when one piece of board game assassinates over another piece. You can call this game a bunch smart, closely designed puzzles that eventually become more complicated as you try to solve it making it more challenging for you. It has stripped down board-game aesthetics along with abstract violence unlike an action-packed Hitman game but has still managed to capture the meticulous and satisfying nature of the series.

2) Downwell: Just right as its name goes; you jump down into a well. It is a perfect match for the people who are looking for an addictive challenge. You get guns in your boots because as you plummet through one level to another, you will need those gun-boots for shooting down your enemies. Also, you can live long by collecting enough gems and you will earn your power ups. Downwell may sound simple to many, but just like other action roguelikes, it is quite a deep.

3) Drop 7: Are you among those people who spend a huge time in waiting for their peers or things like waiting for the traffic jam to clear up or a queue in the bank? Just play through quick levels of Drop 7 and you will be more bearing towards any sort of stationary drudgery. It is a perfect short-session game ever designed. As falling numbers rest on the 7*7 grid, you have to make their match vertically or horizontally to make them disappear. It sounds a bit tedious but when you will be versed in the rules, it will turn into a lifetime addiction.

4) Device 6: If you love reading mystery novels or spy fiction, Device 6 is a good match for you. It can also be referred as a text adventure, but it will not be completely justified. It is rather one of the strangest, mysterious and straightforward games that involve a lot of reading. It would rather be justified to refer it as a multimedia-enhanced interactive fiction. You will be lost in a strange and frightening adventure backed with the catchiest pop tunes ever included in any other game as you rotate and flick your device, following the zigzag map of design and description.

5) 80 Days: Fans of travelling will surely fall in love with this game. You will be amazed at the interactive stories and geographical buffs included in the game. If you have ever read the story- Around the world in 80 days, this game will catch your interest. You will have to re-imagine the novel’s story. Being a valet, you will be responsible for all the journey-related tasks including bag packing, negotiation in markets and making the itinerary plan for your journey around the world. Every trip has a different experience to offer. Credit goes to the peppy writing of the game and constant surprise detours for making every trip a great deal of fun. Hence, relish in joy and experiences of travelling with uncommon wittiness and humanity.

Going to the office via any public transport or waiting for late-comers will not be dreadful anymore when you have such great companions with you to spend time till you reach your destination or someone for whom you were waiting arrives. You can pick and install any or all of these games that interest you instead of installing numerous common games that even don’t worth your phone memory and sometimes even the prices charged for them. Be a bit smart with your selection and savour the real fun of interactive games that can make your mind more active than before.

Author Bio: Katie Stanfield, the author of the article, is a passionate researcher. She is working as a mobile app developer with Xperts Infosoft – a leading, result-oriented firm for app development India. To get a break from development, she often prefers exploring diversified culture of India through weekend trips.