Regardless of whether you can tell the age of a wine by a simple whiff and tasting it, a break to a vineyard while you’re touring around the best spots to visit in Nashik is a necessity. A restful stroll in the midst of vineyards will overwhelm your senses with the all-pervasive sweet-harsh smell of grapes. So while you are being forced by your parents to accompany them to the temples in Nasik, do not fret, for Nasik has a really interesting option opened for your blissful experience.

If you are a wine epicurean, then without a second thought take a Mumbai to Nasik taxi and get set to experience something that will tantalize not just your senses but also your tongue. Wines galore! Welcome to Nasik’s best vineyards.

1.York Winery

Built in 2006, the York Winery expands through seven acres of vineyards, above the Gangapur Dam, near Sula Vineyards. This winery exclusively concentrates on creating fruity and dry, instead of sweet wines. It is gaining quite a good name since the last couple of years and already has a few accolades to its fame. York Winery also released its own particular sparkling wine close to the end of 2014, which goes by the name of York Sparkling Brut. The sizable tasting room is alluringly enlivened in warm, gritty tones and is an extraordinary sunset point. Well, seems to be a perfect spot to pop the “question” to your lady love, no?

2. Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards is Nashik’s first winery that went commercial, and is a favored weekend getaway from Mumbai. In the midst of the lavish blankets of the grape-vines lies a close tasting room where you can test an extensive variety of red, rose, white, dessert wines and shimmering wines delivered by the brand. The aide here will likewise lead you through the best possible strides of recognizing, sniffing, and tasting wines. The grand and the much hyped about Sulafest organized by the Sula Vineyards takes place every February here and is a standout amongst the most ecstatic celebrations of the nation. So if you are visiting Nasik for any purpose, then spare out a day exclusively for the Sula Vineyards.

3. Chateau d’Ori

The second biggest vineyard in Nasik, Chateau d’Ori is situated at the base of the Nhera-Ori slopes, toward the north of Nasik. The unblended merlot, uncommon in India, is a famous offering of this very spot. There’s also an extravagant guesthouse on the property which sits by a simulated lake amidst a tremendous spread of grapevines, making it an ideal destination to unwind and spend those peaceful moments you had been chasing since long.

4. Vallone Vineyards

Vallonne Vineyards is situated in the south of Nashik. Producing at least 60,000 jugs every year, Vallonne is one of the genuine boutique wineries in the zone that concentrates more on the artfulness of the wine instead of its amount. Take a leisurely stroll through its manor grounds, packaging rooms and barrel-loaded chambers. This winery also offers wine aficionados an interesting chance to possess their customized premium wine, where you get to pick the age, the shape of the bottle and the design of the label and in return you go back with a bespoke Vallone. This very wine tasting and vineyard tour is one of the major highlights of the Nasik Tourism.