Online psychometric assessment tests have become popular among all circles of the society. The perks of such tests have been understood and most countries are moving ahead utilizing various advantages of it. The beauty of the online psychometric test is, not only it is an independent, cost effective test, but also a contemporary one. The word ‘Assessment’ is not too easy to decipher. From educational psychology perspective, assessment not only implies comparative measurement but also close look or real time analysis whether performance of an activity is on the increasing curve or the decreasing one. Most other assessment tools available online and in real time are actually measurement tools and individual unintentionally compare the measurement with regard to archaic benchmarks, which is not only irrational but also far from the truth.

Psychometric Assessment – Importance In Indian Education System

The Indian education system is a varied one which has witnessed whole lot of changes in the last few centuries. From religious institutions to private universities, there has been sea change in the way the outlook of people has changed. India has swiftly moved from being a third world country to a developing one, where education has gained its social status from being a luxury to a compulsory one. In fact, education has been considered to be a pivotal tool in bringing social changes as well, not only bringing equality in all strata but also ushering in more jobs in the national job market. Traditional educational system of schools, colleges and universities has also witnessed neoclassical change propounded by the first world countries. Not only there has been an overall urge to opt for technical degrees, but also sincere effort from the government authorities in bridging the gap between theoretical syllabus and workplace reality. Another interesting development has been the utilization of digital technology in imparting education. Although India is yet to have virtual classrooms like foreign countries, yet there has been significant digital involvement in education at present in India. Many universities are now getting in the fold of e-books, e- syllabi, online tests and others. Flexibility in the arena of distance and correspondence education has been blessing for many, especially for working professionals who seek for updating their academic qualifications and skills. As far as conducting exams too, online tests are considered to be revolutionary, as those have reduced paper usage, unwanted hazards as well as other traditional roadblocks. Digital resources especially audio visual capsules have been extremely popular with the students and there has been common liking for the new introductions in Indian education system.

One thing, or rather one domain which has been in the receiving end is the examination system of India. Over and over again, psychologists have pointed out that Indian examination system lacks the rationale or logical approach or attitude, which are considered to be coherent to long term success of the country in the field of education and its direct application. Many educators are of the opinion that examination results in Indian system fail to justify the aptitude or attitude of the students, as well their abilities and other necessary soft skills. In this regard, certainly it can be said that online career counseling can be perfect for Indian students from several aspects. First of all it is a standardized test and common to all recruiters around the world. Apart from that, it covers most vital aspects of individuals or job aspirants including personality,

One of the basic problems most Indian students face, is to select which stream he has to choose after Boards exam. Side by side there is also the perennial confusion of targeting the public sector or private sector jobs. The psychometric assessment tests can not only be eye openers in this regard, but also give realistic views to the student concerned. Many Indian educators also believe that regular usage of psychometric assessment tests can certainly help Indian students to reach the international standard of education, which has remained elusive as of yet barring IITs, IIMs and few other universities. Another significant hope is, psychometric assessment tests can help to bridge the gap between existing Indian education system and changing demands of neo employability and vast sea of opportunities coming up. There are also opinions or beliefs in Indian education circles is to evaluate as per the psychometric assessment tests, which is indeed a great proposition looking at the younger generation of India. Even teachers need to update themselves and the psychometric assessment test can be a true benchmark to such a possibility. Let us not forget that most Indian teenagers still find it extremely hard to choose the right kind of job. With the help of psychometric assessment tests, teachers can be true guides to the students, bringing in the success rate to a healthy percentage in the days to come. No doubt, Indian education system awaits many timely reforms and psychometric assessment tests are much needed ones.