OneDrive is very recent public services offered free of cost for storing data and files which can be accessed from anywhere and any device. It is a great utility service when we need a social personal space to store online files and data which can be retrieved from anywhere. Sometimes we may just use OneDrive for sharing data and files among a group or organization but it will be on public domain.

Features of OneDrive

  • Synced – Well synced so that can be used to work online and offline mode with any desktop
  • Easy Mobile – Comes handy when used over mobile products and on the go
  • Integration– OneDrive can be used simultaneously through various users and can easily integrate the data among user. Appending and saving is easy
  • Allows editing easy– Office documents can be appended under each browser. Files in particular office suite say word or excel can be appended through individual browser
  • Easy to retrieve– Documents in OneDrive can be easily retrieved among older versions or can also be retrieved if changes made
  • Security– Various authentication mode for security lapse helps prevent data theft or loss such as phone number and password and email verification as requested by the users

However if one is looking to go beyond OneDrive, than the next option comes to him is Office 365 for Business. Office 365 includes services such as exchange, Office 365 SharePoint services, skype for business etc. OneDrive for business is the higher featured version of OneDrive public. OneDrive for business has two options suiting the need of its customer. One is in cloud version where the data are stored in cloud and the second version is where it is shared on SharePoint server in an intranet environment. Know more on cloud technology at OneDrive for business has all the features of OneDrive public and few more.

Extra features of OneDrive for Business

  • Survey and research– OneDrive for business due to its intranet applicability within the framework of an organization helps is deriving report and numbers for auditing and decision making.
  • Greater control– OneDrive for business provides greater control in changing settings or customizing according to an organizational needs and usage. It is easy to recreate template and documents with changes
  • Compliance– Provides Microsoft level compliance and credentials benefits
  • Easy environment– environment friendly and can work with many environments
  • Security– provides inbuilt security against possible threat. Uses Microsoft antivirus, anti malware and phishing protection and credentials
  • Data protection– provides better retrieval of data and its protection against loss of data

New features under Office 365

  • Cloud– the best advantage is the data is being hosted through Microsoft cloud through some remote mega data centers.
  • Best in class service– Office 365 provides the best in class integrated services
  • Space– more space to help you do more
  • Mobile– Even if your mobile does not support data beyond few GB, OneDrive is the solution with its huge storage opportunity even in a few GB mobile hard drive.
  • Security– Best security against virus and malware through Microsoft protection.

However if one is looking to go better and beyond OneDrive for business, then one can easily opt for office 365. Office 365 is a collaborating set of various related business technologies under the cloud. Being in a cloud helps Microsoft give protection and support in a fast and efficient way. Among some of the services offered under office 365 are exchange online services and outlook for mailing services, connecting business through SharePoint and skype services and many other services all under the auspices of the cloud environment. Find the latest and best deals on SharePoint Online Plans from Microsoft. Office 365 provides for all the benefits of OneDrive and OneDrive for business and much more in terms of features and services. There is no problem with upgrades and updating.  The services and its subscription is cheap with very low renewal rates. With many subscribers looking to encash on the cloud storage, Microsoft has been more focused on providing the best solutions to the dynamic business need through cloud services.