Have you ever sat to think of your health, especially your weight? The times we are living in demand that every individual becomes concerned about their weight. Research has confirmed that weight matters are directly related to one’s health and their productivity in life and even how much they can enjoy their time on earth. Your being here is a hint that you could have already considered this question and you want to take positive measures towards having the greatest weight possible. This article will not disappoint; here are 11 best tips for weight loss that every nutritionist would recommend to their clients.


You know the saying ‘water is life’ and sure it is, and you are to take 6-8 glasses of water per day. When water is taken in the right quantities at the right times of the day, it yields such great results. For instance, when you feel hungry and head to the kitchen; stop, take a glass of water. The feeling of hunger and thirst are almost similar. A glass of water could settle this for a while.

Drink water before or after meals. When water is taken while taking meals, it delays the metabolism and thus contributes to excess weight. It is best taken on an empty stomach say 30 minutes before you eat or 30 minutes after eating.

When water is taken first thing in the morning when you wake up, it helps in cleansing your body and therefore eliminates excess baggage and excess weight from your body that could easily cause diseases.

Find Healthy Alternatives

For those food items that you have a craving for, it is important that you introduce an alternative. For instance, if you have a craving for soda, you could introduce some healthy water drink with a same bubbly effect like soda. It should have fewer calories. Weight loss shakes could come in handy for you.

Ensure a Balanced Diet; do not Starve

Most people choose to starve at the thought of adding weight. This is bound to increase hunger. It is important to go with potions. Take carbohydrates the size of your fist, and then proteins a smaller amount and then increase you intake of vegetables and fruits. A best diet plan is critical to staying on course the whole day.

Eliminate unnecessary Ingredients

When you go shopping, try to eliminate unnecessary items like foods with too many chemicals, refined sugars, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors. They only add you calories but have less nutritional value. Consider using bio-x4 reviews.

Delayed Gratification

Delayed gratification is a rule that works across the whole spectrum of human life. First, ask, “am I really hungry?” and secondly, What am I hunger for?”. If you want to buy ‘fries’, delay the purchase by some time. You could focus on something else engaging during this time.

Close your Kitchen for 12 Hours

If you ate your last meal at 7:30 pm then get to the kitchen 7:30 am the following day. Give your stomach enough time to process out the food that you at the previous day. You could catch a glass of water immediately you wake, and also take a glass of vegetable juice to aide the body in cleansing before you add in more food.


It is important to cut carbohydrates, especially refined ones. Avoid carbohydrates for your dinner and when shopping, check for a ratio of 10:1 for carbohydrates to fiber.

Eat an Appetizer

Healthy appetizers before meals have been found to reduce one’s appetite by close to 20%. This is a great percentage when reducing calorie intake.

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Eat Rainbow Salads

Ensure that your salads have the widest range of colors that would be near the rainbow colors. Don’t limit yourself to your comfort zones, experiment with new ingredients. The more color, the more weight you are bound to loss.


Exercise is an important part of losing weight. Try exercising more regularly to cut off any excess calories that would have accumulated over time.

Do not Starve

Never starve yourself. Choose to eat but reduce the amounts and portions of the foods that you eat little by little then you will find that you are loosing calories. When you starve, you become more hunger, and thereby you increase your appetite for more food which will lead to more calories.


Losing weight can only be effective if one adopts a healthy lifestyle. Many choose to loose weight for a given goal only to regain much more weight after the goal has been attained. But when it is adopted as a Glozine lifestyle fitness, the benefits became more immense and prolonged for a lifetime. Therefore, take up the challenge and start with the above 11; look for many other tips as there are many others to fit your personality and preferences.