Exotic and tantalising, Thailand is not called the Land of Smiles for nothing. Be it the sandy beaches, the biggest Chinatown in the world, late-night parties or its valuable cultural heritage, the reason for the popularity of this Asian country are umpteen. Having everything that an ideal holiday destination can ever require, it is no surprise that this nation is adored by backpackers and the most discerning travellers alike. It is one of the precious gems in the treasure trove of Asia, which radiates with its own stunning beauty. If you are planning to avail a Thailand package, knowing the following points will help you have a more enjoyable experience there.

Beware of Scammers

The economy of the country is largely based on tourism industry. Due to the incredible influx of tourists all year round, most locals here have a business related to hospitality sector. In such a case, foreigners are more likely to be ripped off by tuk-tuk drivers, local guides and street vendors. Make sure to compare prices and negotiate when necessary. Keep a map handy at all times to have an idea of the distance between your hotel and the destination you want to visit before you hire a tuk-tuk.

Pack Appropriate Clothing to Respect its Culture

Respecting the culture of the region you are visiting is a basic courtesy on the part of a responsible tourist. While packing for Thailand tours, do not forget to pack clothes that cover your knees and shoulders. If failing to wear such clothes, you will be denied entry inside places of worship.

Be at Least Mildly Informed about Thai Cuisine

The experience of travelling and exploring a new land is not complete until you have indulged in its authentic cuisine. It is advised that before availing a Thailand package, you read up about Thai food so that you are not in for an unpleasant surprise. While eating at a local restaurant, inform your server about the level of spices you can handle.

Know a Few Important Thai Phrases

Given the booming tourism industry of the nation, Thai people do speak and understand enough English to get the job done. However, if you are planning to go beyond the typical touristy parts of Thailand, you will need to know a little bit of the language. It would be wise to learn a few important Thai phrases before you head out on Thailand tours.

Avoid Rainy Reason

Rains here range from afternoon drizzles to devastating floods. If you visit during monsoons, your trip may turn into an unpleasant experience due to limited options of tourist activities. Many islands shut down during the rainy season and also scuba diving in Andaman Sea side of Thailand is illegal and dangerous during monsoons.

A holiday in Thailand will not fail to reignite your passion for life but keeping these points in mind will certainly help you have a better time there.