It goes without saying that 2015 was a memorable year for technology, but let us be honest, most of the trends which had everyone talking, in 2016 are still to be perfected for widespread enterprise and consumer use. From internet of things to wearable technology, to augmented reality applications up to mobile payments, 2015 has indeed started a myriad of fresh and exciting tools which are expected to take shape this year. One motive which begin to take shape in 2016 is a crossover between enterprise and consumer technology. We are indeed entering a brand new region with most of these breakthroughs, and without a doubt, they are going to have a major impact on both the mainstream and business worlds.

Augmented Reality

While the introduction of Google glass might not have been a success, as many people had expected it to be, augmented reality is a tool which has seen great success. From the iPhone Operating system, thermal imaging tools to the written text translators, the use of Augmented Reality is relevant to enterprises as they are to the consumers. As technology is evolving, we expect to see virtual reality in workplaces as valuable tools for safety, education and utility.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an area which has continued to create a lot of buzz. It is an area which emphasizes on the creation of machines which not only work but also react in a similar fashion as humans do. Some of the main activities that computers with artificial intelligence have been designed for include planning, problem solving, speech recognition and planning. 2015 saw some major strides in the creation of machine learning software which could gain certain abilities through experience. Companies within the sector of biotechnology converted these new techniques to provide solutions for difficult problems and develop fresh products.

Semi-Flat Designs

From Windows flat approach in Windows 8 to Apple interfaces skeumorphic approach, we all expect to see a brand new aesthetic design this year. Exemplified by Google’s new material design, Semi flat user interface is a more visually pleasing alternative when compared to skeuomorphism. We all expect that the card element of the material design which are small interactive cards will catch on all types of interfaces this year.

Online Security

After the most recent cyber-attacks on leading companies such as Target and Home depot and Sony, security has continued to be an issue of concern in the world of technology. According to a survey, a majority of the Information and Technology leaders are planning to protect their companies from identity theft, viruses and any other intrusion from possible threats. Many industries are now focused on having a strong cybersecurity technology by learning about blockchains and implementing it to avoid any possible cyber threat.  Whether it’s protecting a website from possible security threats, ensuring compliance with government regulations or creating a robust website, enterprises are going to place a bigger emphasis on the preparation for any security issues that they may experience.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments have been in existence for a long period of time, but the recent competition between Google wallet, Current C and Apple Pay has continued to heat up. From the look of things we will begin to see these payments increase in popularity. According to latest tech news, digital wallets will transform into credit killers that they have been designed to be, by only a matter of getting more people into the business and also making the process as convenient and secure as possible. This is indeed going to take some time but as devices such as smart watches continue to implement the NFC features; Mobile Payment will soon become a trending technology worldwide.

Virtual Reality

After Facebook acquired the Virtual Reality trailblazer, Oculus, companies such as Google, Samsung and Sony had to quickly follow suit with their very own designs. But, the questions still remains: Will this technology is going to take us beyond the world of computer and video games? It may be difficult to see the initial use, but this piece of software may completely transform the way employees or technicians interact with various things such as 3D replicas of virtual prototypes, a field in which Ford is using to a greater effect.

Google have already released their very own virtual reality 3D paintbrush which can now be used to enhance and improve painting models.Some of the key features that this paint brush has include 3D brush strokes, digital brush console and a virtual library. Virtual Reality will soon be used in the marketplace, thus companies will be able to offer immersive previews of their brand new products.


From what we have seen, technology is constantly maturing and evolving. It is currently moving from a nascent and undefined entity into one which is widely accepted. Furthermore, technology has become a commonplace that we even begin to wonder as to whether we are going to function without it. Cloud and mobile computing are two great example of such a journey. From individual consumers to businesses, everyone is currently connected to every person regardless of the time and place. With that said, the possibilities for where such technologies are going to take us or how they are going to influence our lives is interminable.