Winning at life

The job market has become increasingly competitive, with research suggesting that 24% of recent graduates will spend up to a year looking for work. However, don’t let this be a reason to worry – there are several ways to get a head start and stand out from the competition. This guide is designed to show how.

The Ultimate Guide To Winning At Life


Every industry looks for eager young graduates to fill internship roles. From chartered surveyors to television broadcasters, internships offer a great way to get some valuable on-the-job experience. Competition may be fierce, but landing an internship offers a glimpse into the world of work that could lead to a full-time opportunity. Internships may not be filled with something exciting every minute of the day – typically there will be a fair amount of ‘dogsbody’ work that no-one else in the office wants to do – but by making a good impression on an internship, this can increase the chances of getting employed and could be the start of a wonderful career.

Gaining work experience abroad is an eye-catching achievement to put on a CV.

Firm Financial Planning

The Ultimate Guide To Winning At Life

Stepping away from the support network of student loans can be a daunting prospect for some people. Whether saving up for the holiday of a lifetime or just making sure that there is enough money set aside to pay the bills every month, having a secure financial plan in place is key to success. This is especially true if university graduation is coming up or a first job is in the pipeline – instead of panicking, it’s time to focus.

Set weekly budget goals to avoid overspending on unnecessary items and if possible, make sure to set aside some money to be put into a savings fund or pension that will mature over time. By creating a ‘safety net’ this bedrock of extra money helps to plan for any unforeseen setbacks later on such as ill health or unemployment that can be a financial strain. It can also be useful when thinking about the bigger purchases in life such as cars and houses.

With this useful financial planning video series from Zurich,people can put a plan in place for their money and build a secure financial future.

Apply, Apply Apply

This may seem like obvious advice, but it really does pay for apply for as many jobs as possible. The person who is waking up at 6am to send their CV to dozens of companies and trying to build a network of contacts is far more likely to be rewarded for their perseverance than someone who applies for a couple of jobs a day in between watching YouTube videos and eating pizza.

Attend Jobs Fairs

A jobs fair allows different companies to showcase themselves in order to attract new employees. Attending jobs fairs allows people to network with these companies in their chosen field and to make a face-to-face impression on potential employers which can have an advantage over anonymously sending out CVs online without being able to meet employers in person. Attending these job fairs can lead onto exciting employment or internship opportunities.