Oh, the joys of finally having your own home! Since you hit adolescence, you’ve always had this incessant longingness to be the master of your own space—no curfews, no ridiculously mismatched furniture, and unlimited metal rock music. However, freedom comes with great responsibilities. You’re no longer a privileged teenager who can lounge at home all morning and not worry about starving in the afternoon. Now you have to think about utility bills, home security systems, and daily housekeeping.

Homeownership trend has changed over the years. According to a recent Pew Research Center analysis, 36.4% of young women and 42.8% of young men in the US lived with their parents in 2014. The main factors behind this trend include the postponement of marriage, rising unemployment, and declining wages.

If you’re fortunate to afford your own place, there are various ways to design your home with ease. You can incorporate furniture and ornaments that will suit your lifestyle. Here are eight condo bedroom design ideas you should know.

Paint Calm in your Bedroom

8 Bedroom Ideas For First Time Homeowners

A good sleep is non-negotiable. The National Sleep Foundation advises that adults aged 18 to 64 years get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Ensure that you get adequate rest by creating a conducive sleeping environment.

One of the cheapest bedroom ideas for homeowners is applying calming color palettes on walls. Studies show that shades of blue stir serenity and calm. Blue also stimulates clear thought and concentration. You can explore color schemes via color authority Pantone. Check out Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year, a blending of rose quartz and serenity.

Explore the Many Wonders of White

8 Bedroom Ideas For First Time Homeowners

If one of the reasons of getting your own home is because you plan to settle down soon, it’s advisable to go for bedroom ideas for newlyweds. You can choose the design theme with your partner, or go minimalist and decide after you’ve settled down. The basic rule for minimalism is sticking to white and any base color.

Explore different shades of white including China White, Cotton, Honeymilk, Lily of the Valley and White Wisp. Interior designer Elizabeth Martin said that white makes design elements pop out. “And ‘Cotton’ by C2 is the softest of whites, with a touch of yellow as its undertone. It’s the perfect backdrop to enhance wood and I especially love it in bedroom: It makes skin sparkle,” Ms. Martin told Elle Décor.

Invest in Bedroom Staples

8 Bedroom Ideas For First Time Homeowners

For first-time millennial homeowners, it’s perfectly understandable to go for second-hand tables, chairs and cabinets. Moving out of your parents’ home is not a cheap decision. It can hurt your pockets. Visit bargain stores for living room furniture. Your mother can even gift you with a lovely antique dresser.

However, there are items in your home that you should be spending on. Investing in sleep paraphernalia is investing in your health. Leave your old bed mattress in your parents’ home and get yourself a high-quality memory foam mattress. Choose one that supports your body well, eases pressure and promotes good blood circulation. You should also invest in comfy pillows and functional bedroom accessories such as bed toppers and protectors.

Get Creative with Storage

8 Bedroom Ideas For First Time Homeowners

After securing a job and getting your own home, the next logical step is to build a new life with your significant other. Does this mean you’d have to save up for a grand wedding? Not necessarily. A study suggests that cohabitation may provide the same emotional health benefits as marriage.

Your couple bedroom design ideas should include additional storage spaces. Whether you’re marrying your partner or opting to “test the waters,” living together means more stuff in your shared home. Save space by mounting floating shelves on your walls. You can also check innovative furniture that that can hold books and magazines.

Induce Sleepiness with the Right Amount of Light

8 Bedroom Ideas For First Time Homeowners

Bright lights trick your mind into thinking that it’s daytime. Dr. Joyce Walsleben, associate professor at the New York University School of Medicine, said: “Even if you doze off, light can be detected through your eyelids—and your brain won’t produce melatonin if it’s confused between night and day.” Melatonin is the hormone that promotes sleep.

Before going pitch black at bedtime, you can turn on dim lights that prep your senses for a long night of zzz’s. Install accent lighting or corner up-lighters in your bedroom. Incorporate cozy glow into your bedroom to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

Add a Touch of Nature

8 Bedroom Ideas For First Time Homeowners

Every bachelor or family bedroom design should integrate a touch of nature. Clas Bergvall, an ethnologist at Umeå University in Sweden, found that indoor plants have a huge positive impact on well-being. The findings suggest that plants “seem to make people more contemplative and self-reflective” and more aware of the passing of time. Landscape designer Donna Lynn Sidhu added that with plants, people are closer to nature and spirituality.

Mounting orchids on your bedroom balcony or placing a cactus plant by your bedside can also clean the air around you. NASA, in collaboration with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, reported that houseplants are able to purify the air in space facilities. These plants include aloe vera, spider plant, gerbera daisy, snake plant and golden pothos.

Noise-proof your Room

8 Bedroom Ideas For First Time Homeowners

Your “work hard, party harder” days are over. Now that you’re older and much more mature, your priorities have shifted to things that truly matter. Get better sleep at night by filtering outdoor noise out of your sleeping area. You can also place a white noise machine, which emits sleep-inducing sounds, by your bedside.

Turn your Sleeping Area into a No-tech Zone

8 Bedroom Ideas For First Time Homeowners

Time and again, medical professionals have been warning against the impact of electronic devices to people’s natural sleep cycle. The blue light from your smartphone is keeping your brain alert and awake. Your bedroom should be your refuge from stressors. If you want to make sure that your body gets the sleep it needs each night, leave your gadgets in your living room or study area.

Living independently is an important part of growing up. You don’t necessarily need to purchase a home if renting is more practical under your present financial status. What matters is you get your own place, impose your own rules and live the lifestyle you deserve.