The Shiraz city in Iran is the centermost of the culture that Persian follows and is popularly known as town of poets. It is located in Iran’s Southmost area near the mountains of the Zagros and is acclaimed for its exciting Vakil Bazaar and gardens. With a population of more than 1,200,000, this city is situated at an altitude of 1491m. This busy city of Shiraz has a lot to offer and it serves as a starting point for any trip to the ancient sites of many ancient places such as Persepolis. Why Shiraz is popular as the town of poets and lyricists because more than two of the country’s most famous poets were born here and lived their whole lives there, these cherished poets are popularly known as Persian Shakespeares.

Shiraz, being the economic center of Southern Iran has witnessed high economic developments that has symbolically changed the economy of the city overall. Famous for its excellent carpets, flowers, cement production, textile, wood products and metal work, Shiraz has major part of Iran’s economy. Agriculture has also been a great part of this city and it has also been an Iranian center for transportation, IT, electronic industry and communication. There are also many hotels in Shiraz for a pleasant stay.

An Essential Pass time in Shiraz – Gardening

Shiraz represents elegance, gardening and repose in Iran and attracts a lot of tourists. The latest emblem of Shiraz is gardening since the dwellers have formed some excellent community gardens as well as their own personal sanctum. Situated in the dry hills of Fars region, people who are not from here are not necessarily impressed by the dry lands without any swath of green anywhere.

Shiraz is also known as city of flower and nightingale other than just a dusty small Middle Eastern city of Iran. Raising trees and plants in this city like rose or Cyprus is a tough chore as the showers and rain between May and September is hardly any. Shirazis are famous for their relaxed attitude but promising hospitability. Any tour of Shiraz includes a visit to 2-3 gardens out of which the most renowned is Bagh-e-Eram that consists of a monarchial chateau placed in beautiful landscaped gardens.

The city of Shiraz is located in a small valley that runs North to South with a fabulous view of the neighboring hillsides all over. Since, the people of Shiraz are fond of walking; the government has created walking ramps to enable the same.

The Old Town

Most of the acclaimed Shiraz’s historic sites are all very close to each other. The most renowned market place for carpets is the Vakil Bazaar, which is named for a famous personality. The local tribes make a lot of wares such as Ghasghaii. Shiraz also has exciting Saray-e-Mushir, which is an ancient 2 storeyed hostelry that is now engaged by artists and people of the bazaar. There is also a Vakil mosque from the 18th century along with a fascinating hammams. This hammam is enhanced with intricate works and is now used as a fine dining restaurant.

Shiraz is not all about backyard gardens and mansions; it is a city that is free from transportation traffic and pollution. With the booming population, some horrid sheltering has developed along with great transport facilities to the other half of the country. This town is not the most ideal for pilgrimage and does not have similar number of architectural treasures.

How to reach Shiraz

We can assure that there are many towns and cities from Shiraz from where flights can be taken such as Tehran, Bandar-e-Abbas, Ahvaz, Mashhad and Kish. Moreover, there are a gamut of international flights such as Dubai, Doha, Kuwait and Bahrain. There are also many buses to several domestic destinations like Yazd, Tehran, Tabriz, Hamadan and Kermanshah. To reach the Shiraz hotels, you can contact any tour agency and plan a stay without any hassle.

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