It is very important to register your company for legal identification and to ensure it is operated smoothly. Moreover, registering a company nowadays is not as tedious as it used to be before.

It has been a major hassle for entrepreneurs to set up a new business in India but with few changes made by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Company Registration in India has become simple and easy. This post can be a great guide if you want to register a new company in India. Keep reading.

New Delhi is the national capital, and hence most of the entrepreneurs look forward registering their companies from there. Nowadays it can be done online on MCA portal and doesn’t even require a minimum of 1 Lac Rupees minimum capital requirement. Here are few simple and easy steps to register a company in India.

  • Check for Minimum Requirements

Registering for a company requires some basic things like two shareholders and two directors, where a single person can hold both the position. Also, identity proof like pan card, voter Id, etc. is required along with utility bill or rent agreement or anything else as address proof for company set-up. These are basic and prime things required for registering a company.

  • Applications

Applying for registration is very important and for New Company Registration in India, you need to apply for Director Identification Number in MCA office of Delhi. It is an online application and is pretty much hassle free. After that the company owner needs to register for Digital Signature Certificate required for filling government E-forms.

  • Choosing Company Name

After applying for the required forms online it is important to choose a company name on MCA portal. There are guidelines for finding a suitable name, and it is recommended to give 4 or 5 names as once a name is taken by someone else, identical names are not issued. Giving more than one name helps in keeping your options open.

  • Drafting important things

After the process is over with name selection, it is required by the company owner to start preparing a draft for MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Associates of articles). In order to register for a company you can also seek help from Company Registration Consultant in Delhi and they will help you step by step in the registration process.

  • Filing e-forms and verification

The last step involves filling of multiple e-forms required for maintaining records of the company, and all of the forms are available on MCA website. It is followed by paying ROC stamp duty, and the fee is paid on MCA portal itself using multiple payment options. After everything is done, there is the verification process of all forms and supporting documents and request for resubmission in the case of any problem.

With the government taking an initiative to encourage startups, they have made the whole process of registration easy and quick. After all the steps certificate of incorporation is given that is used for banking and other purpose and is later followed by application of PAN Number after the company has started. However, it is always better to get in touch with a professional Company Registration Consultant in Delhi or anywhere else where you are registering.