Ryanair contact number

Airline tickets can be purchased online through the airline’s website or through an online agency. All online ticket sources are simple to navigate and follow a natural progression from choosing flights to choosing a credit card. In fact, purchasing airline tickets online is such a quick and simple process you may wonder why anyone would pay extra to book their reservation with a human voice. The reasons are not sensible, but some people cannot be convinced otherwise.

The most common reason cited by people who recoil at the idea of making any purchase online is fear of identity theft. Credit bureaus pay for entertaining ads to scare you. However, the same consumers who fear entering credit information on an encrypted website cheerfully provide their credit card information to a faceless stranger over the phone. Two of my former call centre co-workers were arrested for fraud and theft for using customers’ credit cards. One was foolish enough to order merchandise online for delivery to her own address.

Once you or the agent enter a credit card number, no one can view more than the last four digits of the credit card, including reservation agents and airport agents. Only reservation agents can access your online account without your password. If an attempt is made to change the password, notification is sent to your email address.

Online Reservations-How It Is Done!

Another reason travellers do not purchase tickets online is they do not feel up to the challenge. Some cheerfully label themselves computer illiterate, Ludites. They are afraid they will make an irreversible mistake. They decide beforehand that they are not smart enough to navigate the website. Sadly, the last excuse can be true, but rarely. It takes patience and attention to detail; not everyone has those qualities in sufficient supply. Pluck up your courage and give it a try. Your computer has a backspace key so if you make a mistake, it can be fixed before you press the purchase button. Did you spring from the womb with the skills to drive a car or use an ATM machine? You can learn to do this too.

A lot of customers who call online agencies for agent assistance in booking their trip do so because they do not have Internet access. Their well-meaning friends look up trip details and pass on the reservation phone number.

You can go for the process that suits you more. In fact, for more clarity you can make a call at Ryanair contact number and get informed.