Many men spend their days confused about why their clothes don’t look that good on them. They may see someone in their office or a guy on the street wearing basically the same clothes, and they wonder why that guy’s outfit looks so much better. The reason behind clothing that looks good is clothing that fits well. If you’re wondering how to find the perfect slim fit outfit, read on for some of the best tips and tricks.

How Tees Should Fit

These are the shirts you wear every single day—at home, under your work shirts, or to run errands—so they need to be comfortable. To ensure your tees are relaxed, check that the shoulder seams are right on the edge of your shoulders. You don’t want the seam closer to your neck or further down your arm.

These shirts also shouldn’t fall below the zipper on your jeans and when you raise your arms up, there should be an inch or less of your stomach exposed. Slim-fit shirts are really great starting places for well fitting shirts because they already fit closer to your body’s shape.

How Shirts Should Fit

Collared shirts, button down shirts, and polos are all part of this category. When checking the fit, the seams on the shoulder should rest the same way that the seam on your tees do—right at the edge of your shoulder. Next, check that the cuff of a long sleeve shirt falls to the hollow at the end of your wrist. Whether the shirt has long sleeves and buttons at the wrist, is buttoned all the way up, or only has a few buttons at the top, the fabric and buttons shouldn’t be stretching to remain closed.

You should also make sure that there is enough room between your neck and collar to fit two fingers and that their is no billowing around your waist when you tuck in your pants.

How Pants Should Fit

When trying on your pants, you should always try them without a belt to check if they stay up on their own. They should be comfortable around your waist without pinching or falling. Your pants should be just long enough that the front has a slight break between your pant and your shoe, and the back of your pant just reaches the top of the sole of your shoe. Don’t let your pants puddle on the floor.

How Jackets Should Fit

The most important places that a jacket needs to fit are the shoulder and chest. These are the hardest to alter, but if they fit, you can take the jacket to a tailor for the rest. If you aren’t sure of your size, get yourself measured before you go shopping.

Once you’re sure of your size, check the following areas to ensure your chosen jacket fits well. The shoulder seams should be at the corner of your shoulder with no indents below this seam. For your chest, check the lapels to make sure they’re flat against the front panels with the buttons hanging close to your stomach. Let the cuffs of your shirt protrude slightly from your jacket (about 1.25 inches) when your arms are at your sides.

There should be no stretching when your jacket is closed and the back of the jacket should just cover your backside.

An Important Note

Many men buy clothes for the body they’re working towards. Whether they plan to slim down or bulk up, they buy clothes in those sizes. Unfortunately, they may not reach their goals as quickly as they want, so they’re stuck with clothing that doesn’t fit. Don’t buy clothes for a wishful size; buy clothes for the body you have now.

Additionally, if you’re unhappy with your body and want to hide it, buying ill fitting clothes may sound like the perfect solution. Sadly, sometimes these badly fitting clothes actually accentuate the flaws you’re trying to hide.

The Perfect Fit

If you take all of these aspects into consideration when shopping for your next suit, you’ll look polished and put together. Evaluate your current wardrobe to discover which of your clothes fit right and which need to be replaced. If you’ve got too many clothes that don’t fit well, donate them and take this checklist shopping for better fitting outfits.