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We ask women to try out Sweat With Kayla app by Kayla Itsines and the results are out!

If you are on any form of social media, 25-year-old Australian dynamo Kayla Itsines, the fitness guru who developed the Bikini Body Guide (or BBG for short) has most certainly popped up on your radar. If not here’s a quick bio:

Sweat With Kayla Founder

Kayla Itsines is a young Australian entrepreneur who has shaken the world of fitness with her Bikini Body Guide and other Kayla Itsines Workout programs and nutritional plans. To date, Kayla Itsines has given fitness inspiration to over 10 million women worldwide.

Her huge following of fans on social media, with thousands more joining daily, follow her and boyfriend Tobi’s every move. Her BBG community of Kayla Itsines Workout graduates and other followers of her programs is vibrant and unique, full of success stories and motivational support. It’s impossible to ignore such a stunning and quick upward trajectory. It’s not a surprise that Kayla has now begun to dip into the world of tech.

This entrepreneurial maven, never one to sit on her laurels, has now created a new fitness App called Sweat With Kayla. If you have not heard about it, you should read this Sweat With Kayla reviews.

“I created this for all my #bbg girls as a way to really bring the community together in a new, cheaper way, while experiencing BBG and sooooo much more!! I am SOOOO excited” she wrote on Instagram.

Sweat With Kayla App Details

So what does a Kayla Itsines App look like and is this mobile fitness app worth it?

This mobile fitness App was launched in November 2015, with the android version launched in March 2016.  It has seen a number of incarnations and updates in its short existence. It is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish on iTunes.

The aim of developing the App was to give Kayla’s BBG community a new home base to post before-and-after pics, access workouts, meal plans, tools, and support.

“The vision for my latest mobile fitness app is for it to be the “go-to” training platform for women to become healthier, happier and stronger – and also the home of health and fitness education” Kayla Itsines says.

To enforce this vision the app follows a day by day format – giving the user a training routine and a meal plan for each individual day of the calendar year.

The format is broken down into:

  • Today

Where all your workouts are stored

  • Education

Where you can find advice and info on workouts, nutrition and meal tips

  • Food

Where your meal planners, recipes and shopping list are stored

  • Progress

Where you track your progress via progress pics

  • Profile

All your personal info

The innovative app lets the user choose their individual workout resistance from hardest to less intense (or LISS, as Kayla has abbreviated, which is low-intensity steady state cardio)

The App also lets one choose their own rest and active recovery periods.

The workouts offered on the app are as substantial as Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide and designed in exactly the same 28 minute, 7-minute interval format.

This makes it easy for the user to segue into using the app quickly, as they would have already been familiar with the methodology from using the downloadable BBG pdf guide.

“You no longer have to just read and follow the guides, Kayla Itsines app follows you and helps keep you accountable and motivated. It’s a whole new level” Kayla explained on Instagram.

But unlike the original Bikini Body Guide, there is no expiry date on the App.

“Rather than being a 12-24 week workout guide, it offers a lifetime of training” says Itsines.

As with the Bikini Body Guide, exercises are straight-forward and well presented, explained and illustrated but still intense enough to get even advanced exercisers working hard.

“I’m so bogged down by 100 decisions on a daily basis that having someone else take the guess work and planning out of my gym session is a god send!” says Helen Amandine, mom of 2 living in New York.

You are encouraged to complete each circuit of exercises as many times as you can possibly sweat through in the 7-minute interval allocation. Because its 7 minutes it remains manageable and quick to complete.

“I love having an all in one workout option that I can do in my hotel room” says Amy Klein, an air hostess who battles to maintain a regular workout. “This innovative and effective fitness app helps to keep me on track”

This innovative workout app also features the detailed exercise instructions found in her BBG PDF as well as a timer and equipment suggestions plus weekly grocery shopping lists in keeping with her H.E.L.P nutritional guide.

“I love that it tracks my water intake. I’m terrible with keeping track, so it’s brilliant that the App can do that for me.” Jessica McPherson told us.

There is a nifty visual progress tracker by way of an inbuilt feature that lets you take a pic and compare it side by side to other photos of yourself. If you want to share this on Instagram you can do this in an instant.

This is a clever way that Itsines is leveraging off her legions of followers – giving back and helping create more community and share ability.

The App costs $19.99 which could be a bit out of the price range of some, especially for those already doing things like Pilates and Kettlebell classes. But for those who want an extra dose of Kayla Itsines and to take their at-home workout to another level, the price is modest.

Some have complained that the app is still too pricey especially if you have already purchased the BBG guide. Kayla has endeavored to include the app in future purchases of the Bikini Body Guide bundle.

Sweat with Kayla Experiences

“ I think the app is worth it as you often need an added dose of inspiration at home and the Sweat with Kayla is the perfect tool for this” says Barbara Carter.

“I agree, it is worth it for those ladies working out at home alone. I definitely get a lot of value from the app even at the cost price” reiterated busy ad exec Megan Daily.

Most of the women we spoke to agree the app was pricey but worth the cost of adding even more value to their BBG workouts.

What are your thoughts on the Sweat With Kayla App?