One of the most natural and healthy ways to achieve beautiful skin is through yoga. By practicing yoga, your body gets exercise and engages in deep relaxation techniques that benefit your skin. Even at the beginner level, yoga promotes a mind-body awareness that helps you pull through even the most stressful situations.

For a health way to get radiant and glowing skin, consider taking a yoga class in your spare time. Here are the top five reasons why yoga should be your next go-to skin care routine.

  1. Yoga Reduces Stress

Stress is everywhere in our daily, fast paced lives. You run errands and solve work-related problems multiple times per week. Unfortunately, this does take a toll on our skin, prompting acne, rashes, and other breakouts. As a mind-body practice, yoga is an effective way to regain the balance of our hormones and skin. In fact, one of the primary benefits of practicing yoga is stress relief.

When our bodies are tense, you release stress hormones such as cortisol. These hormones then increase the body’s natural oil production that majorly contributes to acne. By pairing effective yoga poses with relaxing breathing patterns, you can significantly reduce stress. Are you new to yoga? You’ll start to feel the relaxing benefits after a single practice.

Yoga meditation is a time for you to connect with yourself, as you slowly shed daily stress you may not have been aware you carried. During a session, meditation and relaxation poses are part of a typical yoga routine. By engaging in true stress relief, you’re keeping fine lines away from your skin, keeping it youthful and fresh.

  1. It Naturally Detoxifies Your Skin

5 Ways Yoga Gives You Beautiful Skin

Various yoga poses, such as the “seated twist” and “fish pose,” help the body detoxify any impurities. When performing one of these poses in a practice, the body goes into a twist motion that is typically connected to breathing patterns. Once the pose is released, there is a sudden increase of blood flow that helps circulation, along with sweat production.

Body twist poses also stimulate the body’s organs, such as the vertebrae and spine, thus improving liver and digestive functions. Of course, you can take it up a level with hot yoga. By working out in high temperatures, in conjunction with twist poses and breathing, your skin will turbocharge its detoxification process—the natural way.

  1. Happy Mind, Happy Skin

In the daily trenches of adulthood, it’s easy to forget about self-awareness. Bodily motions, such as breathing, become instinctual behaviors that never really cross your mind. At the core of every yoga session is self-awareness and mindfulness. Whether you realize it or not, these are behaviors that slowly start to influence other aspects of your life. Whether it’s eating a little healthier, drinking more water, or taking a couple of minutes from your day to unwind, yoga is a lifestyle that promotes overall happiness.

The concept of “happy skin” is just as real as “tired skin.” When people are stressed or tired, it shows. They have bags under their eyes, fine lines, and even more wrinkles over time. Likewise, when a person is happy and healthy, they have healthy and radiant skin that promotes and oozes self-confidence. Yoga promotes mindful self-meditation and awareness, of yourself, of what you eat, and even what makeup you use.

  1. You’ll Get Real Beauty Sleep

Everyone has heard of beauty sleep as a kind of beauty myth, but did you know that your cell turnover rate is 8 times faster while you’re sleeping?

When you practice yoga, you increase your blood flow and other bodily functions that make falling asleep so much easier. In fact, there are night time yoga routines that relax your body and unwind your mind, making it easier for you to fall into a peaceful slumber. Sleep is absolutely necessary for good, healthy skin.

When you examine your skin, consider how much sleep you’re actually getting. If you find it difficult to relax, or have too much on your mind, consider taking five minutes a night for a nightly yoga meditation. You’ll feel more relaxed, fall asleep easier, and get better skin in the long run.

  1. The Natural Yoga Glow

5 Ways Yoga Gives You Beautiful Skin

The yoga glow is a feeling of happiness that transpires throughout your entire body. Since yoga improves circulation, it naturally flushes your skin and draws blood to your face, making it look rosy and bright.

Along with regular exercise, the yoga glow can be enhanced with an organic skin care regimen that activates natural ingredients as you work out. Instead of choosing products that weigh your skin down with toxins, try taking a yoga class instead!

Cosmetics companies such as YUNI Beauty are blazing the trail for natural skincare products that enhance your yoga sessions. You’ll soon notice the results as your skin begins to look perkier and brighter.

Get Healthy Skin

Whatever your go-to skin regimen may be, consider taking yoga as a natural way to get beautiful skin. You’ll get exercise, sleep, and much needed relaxation time. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your home, or invite your friends to a class on the weekends. The path to beautiful skin starts today.