It is important to consider your room design altogether when you are planning any renovation project. Meaning that every aspect of the design, be it floors or ceiling upgrades needs to be taken care of ahead of time in details. By designing ceiling, you are surely adding beauty to the room and make it look special. Both, existing structural ceiling beams or false ones are an important décor element that makes a notable design representation. Many design options for beamed ceilings are available, and the final look will depend on your own inspiration and creativity.

Decorating Your Room with Ceiling Beams

You can use ceiling beams in combination with various other room elements to further enhance the beauty and look of your room. First and foremost, you must consider the height of your room if you want to install ceiling beams. They can work wonders in rooms with high ceilings and look very prominent as they add depth to high ceiling rooms. In the context of above discussion, the following are some ideas to decorate your room with ceiling beams.

Ceiling Beams of Various Thicknesses

Depending on the height and size if your room, you can use ceiling beams of different thickness. For instance, you can achieve sleek designs using thicker and narrow beams respectively.

7 Amazing Beamed Ceiling Design Ideas

by DD Ford Construction

Faux Beams for Modern Rooms

It is a superb idea to use faux beams if your room has a traditional or rustic décor theme. However, you can easily transform them to fit into any modern room. All you have to do is give them a modern finish and change their color slightly.

7 Amazing Beamed Ceiling Design Ideas

by Jenkins Custom Homes

Horizontal Ceiling Beams in Narrow Rooms

You can totally transform your narrow room by placing the beams horizontally at equal distance one after another. It will make your room look spacious and wider. Similarly, you can make a larger room look warmer also with bringing all the room elements together simply by adding the beams vertically.

7 Amazing Beamed Ceiling Design Ideas

by Mark pinkerton photography

Use Decorative Ceiling Beams

You can also install decorative ceiling beams in your rooms. They are easily available in the market. They are enough to decorate your ceiling and give it a new look and feel. You don’t need to use any other decorative element to embellish the ceiling. However, excessive use of such beams will make your room domineering and heavy. So, you must use them carefully.

7 Amazing Beamed Ceiling Design Ideas

by Jenkins Custom Homes

Combine Ceiling Beams with Other Design Elements

It is also an excellent idea to use ceiling beams in conjunction with other design elements such as plaster of Paris. You cannot mount faux beams on the plaster of Paris due to their weight. However, you can design plaster of Paris ceilings around the beams. There are many ways you can combine beams with other elements. For instance, you can filter the indirect light coming to your room by using the ceiling beams. This arrangement will add some warmth and depth to your room. Most importantly, the indirect and dim light will create a very romantic ambiance as well.

7 Amazing Beamed Ceiling Design Ideas

by Cornerstone Architects

Rounded Ceiling Beams

Many people also tend to bevel or round the edges of ceiling beams to make them look lighter and softer. It can help you add the right amount of design and element to your room as well. Similarly, you can create stunning design patterns in the ceiling simply by making grooves in the beams. Again, you will not have to use any other decorative element to adorn your room.

7 Amazing Beamed Ceiling Design Ideas

by Peace Design

More Ceiling Beams Design Ideas

If you are looking to use additional decorative elements with the beams, you must consider hanging chandeliers and lamps from the beams. Similarly, you can paint both ceilings and beams in contrasting colors. Soft and mild colors will further enhance the beauty of the ceiling beams.

7 Amazing Beamed Ceiling Design Ideas

by NDC Homes Inc.

It is pretty simple to use ceiling beams for decorating your ceilings as well as rooms. You can think of countless design ideas by being little more creative. In this regard, above mentioned ideas can inspire you to create an architectural masterpiece yourself.