When you think of spooky sightings, you may not immediately think of a bingo hall. But there are some haunted bingo halls in the UK – including the bingo hall in Chatham which is home to the Man in Green, and the haunted bingo palace in Sutton that is visited by a ghostly Grey Man. If you love playing bingo, beware this Halloween – check out how to spot a ghost in the bingo hall with this quick guide.

Pay Attention to Changes in Temperature

A bingo hall is usually one of the warmest places to be, seeing as it is normally packed with a lot of people, activity, and movement. So if you happen to pass through a space which seems unusually cold, take note. Cold spots in the bingo hall are linked to paranormal activity in some cases. Sometimes the entire room will turn colder when there is a spirit present. It may not be very noticeable, but if you do experience a sudden drop in temperature it could be the ghosts to blame.

Check for Moving Items

It’s an obvious sign – a stack of bingo cards that falls without any reason; a pen that moves on its own along the table; a machine that switches itself on and off. If you see objects moving by themselves you may think you are seeing things. But it does happen. Or, objects can move without you witnessing it – you see something that you are wasn’t in that position a few minutes ago.

Listen For Strange Noises

It will probably not be possible to do this when the bingo session is in full swing as you won’t be able to hear over the voices of the participants and the caller. But if you are in the bingo hall before other people, or you are the last to leave, listen out for whispered messages, strange footsteps, or falling objects.

Check for EMF

You may notice lights flickering in the bingo hall, or disturbances with other electromagnetic devices. Ghostly activity is often associated with changes to the EMF – the electro-magnetic field. If you are particularly concerned that your local bingo hall or other building is visited by ghosts you can get a special EMF detector that shows whether there is a fluctuation in the EMF, which may indicate the presence of the paranormal.

Don’t be scared – bingo is still loads of fun wherever you play it. If you prefer playing from the comfort of your own home, Bingo Online is a great activity. You don’t even have to leave your couch to take part. Check out the online bingo offers and activities this Halloween and wintertime.