There is a sharp controversy regarding the most adorable Christmas gifts. Somebody says flowers. A few people say gold.  Others like modern electronic gadgets. Rests say attractive stationery items. Therefore, it becomes a brainstorming job to a vast majority of people interesting giving best Christmas presents for their loved ones. Many of them want to have the best gifting idea for upcoming Christmas season. Although many articles and blogs come to guide these people, a significant number of these fail to guide people righteously. The reason is probably the lack of knowledge about the history of it.

A hark back to the history of it is the right way to understand the most precious Christmas Gifts. As the Gospel of Matthew says, three wonderfully wise men from the east brought valuable gifts to the Babe in the manger. These three wise men were Casper, Balthazar, and Melchior and Jesus Christ was the babe in the manger. To welcome newborn Jesus, Magi (three wise men from the east) brought gold, frankincense and myrrh as the most precious gifts. Worldly men have retained this tradition. They exchange gifts in the Christmas days. Therefore, before taking a decision about the most valuable Christmas presents, everybody should follow these three wise men who invented the art of giving Christmas presents. Having a close look at their precious gifts and deep thinking of the meaning of gold, frankincense and myrrh can help one come to the conclusion. Considering modern gifts in the light of the past can make the job much easier for one.

Given Below Are Most Adorable Christmas Gifts

Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry is highly appreciated by lovers and beloveds. This is a very good choice for a vast majority of couples looking for the best ways to express their deep love and passion for each other. A significant number of them like to send heart-shaped jewelry to their very special ones. It symbolizes genuineness and cleanliness. The shining quality of Gold means the evergreen love.



Children and teenagers like cakes. Therefore, sending Christmas cakes show one’s sincerity and affections for them. As it is their favorite choice, they will enjoy the present from the core of their heart.

Now anyone (living out of out of India) can send cake to India, taking the advantage of online gifting portals. Now one need not visit a physical confectionery store to choose a cake and pack it with an attractive tinsel paper. Gifting portal will do all necessary things immediately after the order placement.

Perfume and Incense

Apart from Gold, the Magi brought frankincense and myrrh known for insane bearing qualities. Therefore, perfume, scent and essence are always good. One could take these as the modified forms of frankincense and myrrh. It means good wishes for one’s fame. The good quality of the receiver will be spread out. These are ideal Christmas presents for friends and family members.


Heart shaped bouquets made of colorful flowers are always a wise selection for a Christmas gift. Lovers, beloveds and newly married couples like to choose it as their favorite Christmas presents. Sponge heart and blooming heart made of red roses easily stand out from the crowd.  These help them express their affectionate moods and sentiments like deep love, passion, emotion, etc.