From single ended to roll tops, to rectangular and corner, baths come in various types, shapes and sizes. It pays to know what you are looking for when deciding to buy one for your bathroom. Baths can be both practical and functional or luxurious and a style statement that forms a focal point in your dream shower room. This comprehensive guide will give you an overview of the things to consider when buying a bath.

Types of Baths

  • Corner baths. If you have a large bathroom, corner baths can work well. It can also be space-efficient if you’re trying to save some space. This bath slots into a corner of your bathroom, making it good for small spaces, plus the rounded corner does not stick out into the space.
  • Straight baths. The most common type of bath, but offers plenty of options. For instance, you can choose a double-ended bath with taps fitted on one side, so both ends allow you to lean back. A single-ended option, on the other hand, fits more compactly and is a good option if you want to add a shower.
  • Shower bath. An L- or P-shaped shower bath is the answer if you want to have both a bath and a shower for a small space. It is wider at one end, giving you more room for showering.
  • Freestanding bath. A freestanding bath offers style and luxury. It is available in traditional roll top and as a stunning slipper bath that creates a dazzling focal point in the bathroom.

What to Consider

  • Size and Location. Before choosing the type of bath to buy, consider your size requirements. This will depend on the size of the room. This goes with where you intend to place it. You can create a simple scale drawing of your bathroom to see where the bath best fits, that’s if it is your first time to use a bath. If you are just replacing and you don’t want to change its position, just measure the size.
  • Taps. Taps may depend on the type of bath you choose. Straight baths usually allow mounting taps in the middle or at one end. Some freestanding baths also have these options, while some need to be fitted to a wall or from the floor.
  • Screens, panels and wastes. Some baths come with a complete package of screens, panel or wastes. If not, distributors will show you the extras you need for the particular bath of your choice.

A bath can be an investment, so you’ll want to make it last a long time. Make sure it suits your bathroom’s style. The size should work well, not just with the size of the room but also for the size of the users. Comfort and style are two aspects you need to weigh up before making a final choice. It pays to do your homework and research the styles and options available. Also, consult your plumber because he knows the water system installation in your home.