If you love to give the rooms in your home their very own personalities, then using color will be central to your design themes. This applies just as much to the kitchen as to any other room, however, sometimes it can be puzzling to decide on the best ways to use color in the kitchen in such a way as to keep it fresh over time. A complete kitchen refurbishment is not something that you will want to undertake every couple of years, so if you choose your color options wisely, then you can be sure that your kitchen will always look on-trend.

The Heart of your Home

It’s often been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and there’s no doubt that it often serves as a central hub of activity. Apart from being used for cooking, your kitchen may have a table that provides a dining area, a homey spot where friends and neighbors drop in for coffee or a place where the kids do their schoolwork after lessons. Given that your kitchen may be on display from time to time, keeping it organized is very important, and of course, you will always want it to look good.

It’s not all black and white

Color influences how we perceive spaces, and because the kitchen is a location that services a multitude of tasks, your use of color should reflect that. For example, monochrome schemes have become popular, and this is a relatively simple option that can look stylish and classy.

If you prefer using brighter, more lively colors, then there are a few ways to do this. In fact, some design commentators say that choosing blue, gray, green, red, white or yellow as a core color can work really well in your kitchen. Each shade will have a different impact on your room depending on how you use it; however, all of these colors can help create a welcomingand warmspace.

Cabinets and countertops

Since cabinets and countertops tend to dominate your kitchen, it’s important to pick colors that you can live with every day and consider whether you prefer plain or patterned finishes as well as whether these should be flat or glossy.For example, if you are a fan of charcoal or mid-toned gray in a flat or matte finish for your cabinet doors, then consider a countertop with a white-and-gray marbled design and perhaps a gloss or semi-gloss surface. One useful tip is to choose your cabinet color first, then bring a small sample or a photograph of a door front with you when choosing your countertops.

Windows and doors

When it comes to window dressing, you should move beyond curtains and shades,which can date a kitchen fairly quickly. Instead, you have the option of a universally acknowledged solution that works with virtually every decorative style – window shutters. You can measure for and fit top-quality shutters yourself. Make sure to purchase them from a reputable company, and keep an eye out for classic plantation shutters or contemporary wide-paneled shutters.

You can choose from a vastrange of colors that fit with every kind of décor, from a country kitchen look to café-style or hi-tech contemporary designs. One of the great things about shutters is that you can opt for neutral tones or brightly painted alternatives to match your chosen themed color. Simply coordinate your window shutters with your door color for a smart and stylish kitchen.

Flooring and walls

For esthetic purposes, your flooring and wall colors should complement the cabinetry, and it’s also important to remember that your kitchen flooring has to be easy to clean, hardwearing and waterproof. On balance, wooden or tiled floors in neutral colors will help to set off your carefully chosen cabinets rather than distracting from them.

If you have a larger kitchen, then you might find it useful to paint the walls near your table in a lighter shade that complements the color used in the busier work area around the kitchen sink. This creates a definitive, calming space that is conducive to casual dining and studying.


Finally, you’ve got to love your kitchen, so it’s important to use colors that you feel you have a connection with and that send out positive vibes. In the end, whatever is chosen as the fashionable color of the year is irrelevant if it doesn’t work for you. Go with a color scheme that makes you feel positive and engaged, and you’re unlikely to go far wrong.