Building Construction

Once a project is realised then you need to find the means to do the construction. It is in situations like this that an architect has the knowledge and expertise to turn your idea into a reality. They will help you turn your idea into a building and more importantly within your budget. Mohamed Hamdoun and his team from his business Archistyle & Design are the professional teams that will make you realise these expectations.

Building Constraints

There are times when different methods have to be used to construct a building like Ballpark Village in San Diego. This is when a professional team from Archistyle & Design will guide you through the whole construction process. Once you have accepted their design they will ensure that you are running according to the building schedule and keeping to the plan

Designing the building, planning of an apartment or commercial building is only the beginning of the project. Often once the construction starts is when everything can start going wrong. Having an architect with the experience and knowledge like Mohamed Hamdoun will help you achieve this. He is able to guide you through the whole process and at the same time recommend suppliers and contractors that will give the best price without compromising the quality.

This is extremely important if a company has decided to invest in Beirut. The language here could be a barrier and the professional staff at Archistyle & Design are able to speak both Arabic and English. They have been successfully involved in projects such the expansion of Beirut’s port. If you need a firm that you can build a successful relationship with which operates in the Middle East and the United States then you can be assured that you will get excellent service from Mohamed Hamdoun and team.

Mohamed Hamdoun


There are many projects that have gone way over budget because of poor communication and it is imperative that when things get tough the firm is able to insist on certain requirements to ensure the success of the project. There are often special requirements like Centre 425 in Seattle that have special building requirements and Archistyle & Design who were involved ensured that these were not compromised.

Archistyle & Design have been involved with great projects in Beirut and their success is due to the dedicated staff and Expertise of Mohamed Hamdoun. He has been consulting on landmark developments like the M1 building which received the LEED certification and the first in Beirut. There is also the Red Cross headquarters which Archistyle & Design were instrumental in ensuring its successful completion.

Both in Lebanon and in the United States Mohamed Hamdoun has had very successful projects and it is mainly because of his great understanding of the different cultures. There is no mistaking that the design in the Lebanese Capital is very different to the cosmopolitan designs required in the United States. Archistyle & Design are able to design the building to suit your needs whether it be in traditional Lebanese architectural design or cosmopolitan.