The Difference Between Home Care and Assisted Living

You may be one of the many seniors who prefer to age in place in your home. Or, you may tire of maintaining your home and want to sell it and move into assisted living. So, when thinking about the choice of how to spend your retirement years, think about all the options before making a decision.

I have research a lot about the topic and I found an interesting article in Caring People Inc website. You can take a look and learn more about the difference between both senior care options.

In-home care

With in-home care, you can remain in your home while having assistance with daily tasks and personal care if needed. You may be the type of person who enjoys having personal care while in the privacy of their own home.

In-home care allows you to keep your independence. It can also delay the need for assisted living by having home nursing come to the home. Plus, you receive one-on-one care which isn’t what you receive in an assisted living facility.

The Difference Between Home Care and Assisted Living

With in-home care, your family members can be involved in your care. Since caring for you is in your home environment, there’s more flexibility for caregivers. It gives more flexibility for a daily routine and in-home care when needed for respite care when family members start to burn out.

Another point too is that if you’re suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, staying in your home would be less disorienting. Familiar environments give security and peace to a person dealing with dementia. Caregivers who are trained in the care of dementia patients can give you the individual care you need right in your own home.

This flexibility permits an advantage for family members and caregivers who are taking care of you if you have dementia. As your disease progresses, then having a professional caregiver who specializes in dementia patients will know how to care for you properly.

Assisted living

An assisted living facility is a care facility which would aid you in your daily tasks. It isn’t like a nursing home which provides medical assistance daily for its residents. You would live in either a shared room with another person or a private room.

When you’re a resident of an assisted community, you become part of the community by joining in the social circles, community activities and establishing a routine. These facilities also may provide housekeeping, laundry, transportation and some medical services.

The purpose of the assisted living community is to keep the residents active, safe and mobile. But you will have less privacy and independence. Assisted living facilities do provide personal care service, 24-hour emergency response, and various hospitality services. What the level of care is and what type of services are different from facility to facility.

Plus, assisted living is for people can use mobility devices or walk on their own. Or, if they want to be free from the hassle of owning and maintaining a home and are willing to consider the idea of getting assistance when needed.

Whether you choose in-home care or assisted living is a matter of personal choice.