The Joy Of Student Life

The life of a university student is a pretty good one. You’re suddenly gifted with a lot more independence than you’ve had in your life, are thrust into a group of peers all in the same situation to help you make friends, and to offset the rigours of academic work, a plethora of sports teams, clubs and societies and nights out to suit anyone’s tastes.

Whether you’re in halls of residence in Bristol, a private house in Southampton, or any of the student accommodation Wolverhampton has to offer, we’re looking at some the best parts of student life, to make sure you’re excited for September!


One of the most exciting parts of being a student is building a group of friends who’ll you be bound together through the rest of your life. While you shouldn’t forget your schoolfriends, closing yourself off to the opportunities your university social life offers you means losing out on half the experience on offer!

Try looking beyond your halls of residence for your really close friends. Joining a club means surrounding yourself with people you share a passion with, whether it’s theatre, sports or politics. It also gives you access to some unique social events that you’ll remember for years to come.

New Experience

Going to university is liberating. If you’ve always wanted to try stand up comedy, you can find the support to try it at university for the first time – your fellow students don’t know if you’ve got a reputation for being tongue tied and nervous, so you have the perfect chance to reinvent yourself as a fast talking comedian!


While you have to make sure you’re balancing your academic work with fun and leisure, you have more time at university than you’ll have throughout the rest of your working life! If you’re feeling worse for wear after a night out with your new theatre friends, you’ll never before have the flexibility to simple lie in bed and sleep it off!

If this happens too often you’ll start to see an impact on your grades but once in a while you can quite simply call time on the rest of your life and relax.

That’s not the best reason to skip a lecture though. Get a few friends together and you can enjoy a roadtrip while children are at school and adults are at work and the world is your oyster! Pile into a car and head for the beach and enjoy an impromptu day out simply because the weather is good and you’re young and you can.

That’s the greatest joy of student life: the spontaneity and energy of it, so make sure you live it to the full!