From Amazon to eBay and everything in between, there are so many e-commerce and online business sites out there that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. With many other online business niches catering to everything from small business marketing needs to online games, there’s an opportunity for every entrepreneur or investor in the modern business world. In that spirit, here are some of the hottest online business opportunities available on the web today.

Online marketing 

Ever since direct mail became popular back in the 20th century, marketing has always been big business. However, with the advent of the internet, it’s become even more popular, and marketers are in high demand. Freelancers, agencies and companies that offer marketing services such as web design and search engine optimization are great locations for investment as they’re riding on the back of a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

Online gaming 

The world of online gaming is one that is on the rise thanks to wider societal trends. While in the past, gaming was something that could only take place at an arcade or a casino, it’s now possible to do it at home – and the success of Stakers indicates that there’s a lot to be said for investing in this field. As a result, taking advantage of this shift in leisure patterns is something that many investors are now choosing to do. 


No discussion of online business, of course, would be complete without taking a look at how e-commerce is changing in the modern age. Amazon, eBay and other major e-commerce players are still at the top of their game even years after they were founded. However, as with many internet trends, the sites to watch are those that are offering people the chance to break into the world of online selling without much experience at all.

Etsy, for example, allows crafty and design-oriented people to sell their items online, and the rising popularity of these sorts of sites is quickly turning them into investment hotspots. They’re popular because they offer easy access, and also because they often don’t tie down their users into a long-term commitment – so they provide the flexibility that internet-savvy traders (and the customers and suppliers associated with them) highly value.

Like all aspects of the internet, the world of online business is changing – and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. For the savvy investor, the key is to focus not on the big beasts such as Facebook or Amazon but instead to look at which smaller sites (or types of site) are on the rise, as that’s where the key to the future lies. From the rise in sites such as Etsy offering people the chance to build their own businesses to the changes on offer in the online gaming and wider leisure and entertainment worlds, there are lots of reasons why online business is still an investment hotspot.