Tips For Choosing The Right Candle Bulb

In the past lightbulbs, have been in use in almost everything. People have used these bulbs from cooker hoods to chandeliers. The bulb industry has gone through major changes since the incandescent bulbs which were used traditionally in the early years. The incandescent bulbs were later on replaced with energy-saving bulbs. Not many people know candle bulbs, and this is the reason we prepared this article for you. In this article, we talk about some important facts that you need to know about light bulbs before you purchase them. Once you have decided on what type of light bulb you are interested in, head to our review sections where we reveal our best buy Candle bulbs.


Brightness of a bulb is the light output of a bulb. This brightness is measured in lumens. The higher the brightness of the bulb, the higher the lumens. Wattage use is no longer a good way of gauging the light bulb’s brightness. This is because there are bulbs that use less energy that exists. If you don’t know the lumen ratings for a burnt-out bulb, then make sure you look on the LED package for any mention of ‘replacement for’ or ‘equivalent to.’

Color temperature

The temperature color of a light bulb is measured in degrees Kelvin. If the Kelvin number is low, then the bulb will have a warm light, and if the Kelvin number is high, then the light bulb will have a cooler or bluer light.  The color temperature of a light bulb is known to change the whole look and also the mood of a room.

Over the years the technology behind energy-efficient LEDs has improved.  Bulbs are now available in a wide range temperature, which includes warm light bulbs, cool light bulbs and also natural light bulbs. The best replacement for the old incandescent bulbs are the LED bulbs. These bulbs are classified as ‘warm white’ or ‘soft white.’ This is because these bulbs will give off a similar colored light. The ‘Bright white,’ ‘Neutral white’ and ‘Cool white’ bulbs are great when used in the kitchen or on workspaces. ‘Daylight bulbs’ and ‘natural bulbs’ are best used for reading.

Bulb Application

The application in which you are going to use a specific bulb is also another factor to consider before purchasing a light bulb. Some of the types of light bulbs include; A-shape, MR16/GU10, PAR/BR, candle and globe/vanity. Discussed below is a breakdown of what type of bulb you should look for based on whatever need you to use it for.

  • Table or Floor lamp- Known as A-Shape bulbs. These types of bulbs are known to work well floor and table lamps.
  • Pendant Fixtures- Also known as Globe or MR16. They are usually found in the kitchen or dining rooms.
  • Ceiling mount fixtures- They are best used in hallways, kitchen and also laundry rooms.
  • Wall Scones- They have a small size, and this is the reason why they work well for wall sconces.
  • Recessed Lighting- This type of bulbs works best in recessed light fixtures.