Online forms are a great tool to collect information for both business as well as personal needs. In fact nowadays it is frequently used to capture leads, conduct market research, and obtain feedback.

With AidaForm you will be able to fully leverage the potential of online forms by structuring exactly the type of online forms you require for any given situation. It will make it easy and intuitive to create forms, regardless of their complexity.

No Code Required to Create Online Forms

Part of the reason AidaForm is so useful is it will let you create online forms and customize them without ever handling a single line of code. Instead it uses a graphical interface that will let you build your form using customizable blocks with different types of fields.

Rather than trying to find stock, readymade contact forms and tweaking the code manually – using AidaForm is much easier, and the results are far better as well. In fact you can even alter the design and appearance of your forms at the same time to ensure they match your website’s design and look the way that you want them to.

As you can imagine there are many ways in which you can use the forms that you create using AidaForm. One of the more common options would be to create contact forms for websites such as described at Aside from that you could also create forms for surveys, event registrations, newsletter sign-ups, online orders and payments, or customer feedback.

Key Features and Details

If you’d like more specific details about what you can expect to be able to do with AidaForm, some of its key features will enable you to:

  • Use templates to create online forms quickly or as a starting point when creating custom forms of your own.
  • Add a wide range of different types of fields including dates, lists, signature fields, CAPTCHA, file uploads, Google Maps, multiple-choice questions, and more.
  • Stylize the appearance of your forms by applying themes to them and customizing it further based on your needs.
  • Publish and share forms easily by directly linking to the form itself or using the automatically generated HTML code.
  • Visually evaluate and analyze the data that has been gathered within the web-based interface.
  • Export data in the form of Google Sheets or Excel documents so it can be shared or processed more conveniently.
  • Use the built-in integration with Zapier to connect AidaForm with other compatible apps such as Dropbox.
  • Import email addresses to MailChimp using its built-in integration.


No matter what type of information you need to gather, it is safe to say that AidaForm will let you easily create exactly the type of form that you require. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never created or handled online forms in the past, as its intuitive approach requires no prior experience of any kind. All that you need to do is give it a try, and you should be able to create your very first online form in minutes.